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Braddock mounts a one-man assault to free his wife and son who are still being held in a Vietnam prison camp.

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original title: Braddock: Missing in Action III

genge: Action,War


imdb: 5.2

duration: 1h 41min

tags: I don't step on peoples toes. I break their necks!


keywords: kungfu, cultfilm, vietnam, colonel, prison, children, reverend, amerasian, bracelet, orphanage, cia, rescue, jungle, orphan, embassy, general, thailand, explosion, fight, escape, torture, seeyouinhell





















































James Braddock once again returns to Vietnam, 12 years after the end of the war, to rescue his thought-dead Vietnamese wife and son, and a group of Amerasian orphans held in another prison camp presided over by a sadistic Vietnamese general whom was one of those that tortured Braddock during his stay in a similar prison camp just a few years earlier. When Colonel James Braddock is told that his Asian wife and 12-year-old son are still alive in Communist Vietnam, he mounts a one-man assault to free them. Armed with the latest high-tech firepower, Braddock fights his way into the heart of the country and ends up battling his way out with several dozen abused Amerasian children in tow! Struggling to keep them alive while outmaneuvering a sadistic Vietnamese officer, Braddock ignites the jungle in a blazing cross-country race for freedom. Not a bad film for a shoot-'em-up. Suffers from the usual thin plot and lack of character development, but overall an entertaining movie. I would've liked to see more interaction between Braddock and his son; it would've given the story a little more depth to have the two talk a little more than they do. I mean, the boy has just seen his mother gunned down in front of him - it's hard to believe he would come to accept his father so quickly even given the circumstances. Of course, action is what this film is all about and, in that respect, it works! After all; it was firmly established in the first two "MIA" movies that Braddock was captured in 1972; officially held prisoner-of-war for 18 months; and, then (for some unknown reason), finally presumed dead by Uncle Sam. Which, in turn, let NVA Col. Yin hold Braddock and several other POW's as slave labor until circa 1981.


Now, I concede that the plight of the Amerasian children, depicted in this film, is based on frightening fact. And, yes; the bulk of the movie was just as action-packed as the first two. That still doesn't make the prologue, and the way it was presented, any less intolerable for the continuity-minded (such as myself).

Here's how the prologue _should_ have gone.

Braddock returns to the U.S. in 1981. He is greeted by Agent Littlejohn of the CIA. Littlejohn tells him about Lin Cang's apparent death, six years earlier. As proof, he shows the bracelet that was found on the right arm of the otherwise-unrecognizable dead woman. Braddock confirms it's the first-anniversary present he gave his wife, shortly before the ill-fated Cambodian mission, in 1972. Cue opening credits.

They (the writers) could still have had Braddock and Lin Cang reunite as depicted in the final version of the film. But, then, there could have been some explanatory flashbacks. Insert mental visual of Lin Cang spotting sticky-fingered housemaid making off with bracelet, and giving chase. Stray NVA artillery shell strikes apartment building. Housekeeper's body too deeply buried in rubble to retrieve. And, Lin Cang has no other ID for gate guards at American embassy. Return to present (circa 1988) where she tells Braddock about having to retrieve their three-year old son from her parents' house (again; to provide some continuity with biographic details given by Col. Yin in the second film).

This is one trilogy I would really like to see revised, a la the 1997 STAR WARS trilogy, for the benefit of us die-hard Chuck Norris fans. Until then; I only like this film half as much as I did its two predecessors.


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